XenDesktop 5 Scalability – XenDesktop Controller Capacity

Think about the architecture of XenDesktop 5. One of the core components responsible for an acceptable user experience during the initial authentication and launch of the virtual desktop are the controllers. If these controllers get overloaded, it will take users longer to launch their virtual desktops. What is acceptable is based on the users and... Continue Reading →


PVS or MCS – Operations Is Important

As we continue to decide between using Provisioning Services or Machine Creation Services in an environment, we need to go beyond the Big Picture factor explained in a previous blog. The second thing we should look at is the operational aspect of the solution. Operational models are rather boring. Who cares about supporting the environment?... Continue Reading →

Changing Power Management

Previously, we went over how power management works with XenDesktop 5. Why? Was it because I have nothing else to talk about? No. I went over this because many people are wondering why they would need to change the settings. If you have no idea what I'm talking about with regards to power management, check... Continue Reading →

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