Design XenDesktop for the SMB

I often receive questions around XenDesktop design like How should I design my XenDesktop environment for 50 or 100 users? What hardware should I use? What if I want to start small and slowly grow the environment? This is an interesting use case, the small to medium business. Do you need all of the bells... Continue Reading →


The Big Bang Effect with Desktop Virtualization

Do you believe these statements? In order for me to see any value in doing desktop virtualization, I have to move all of my users to a hosted VDI model. I don't need a VDI type desktop as I can simply use hosted shared with XenApp. I've had many discussions with people who have these,... Continue Reading →

PVS or MCS – What’s Your Decision Going to Be

Note: This blog is in reference to Citrix XenDesktop 5.0 ONLY. Note: The following link contains the  latest discussion between PVS and MCS ( The decision between using Provisioning Services or Machine Creation Services is based on many things, with a few being discussed previously: Big Picture Operations Resource Requirements Let's say you've gone through... Continue Reading →

XenDesktop 5 Scalability – Site Capacity

When we last looked at XenDesktop 5 scalability, we really focused on the user experience in that users should not be required to wait longer than 2.5 seconds before the system responded to an authentication or launch request. We said that if the controller got very busy due to logon storms, we could add additional... Continue Reading →

PVS or MCS – We Talking About IOPS Again

Deciding between PVS and MCS is a tough decision for many organizations. Although MCS is limited in that it can only do virtual machines, it does appear to be easier to setup than PVS. In fact, MCS just works while PVS requires another server and configuration of bootstrap processes like TFTP/PXE. So it sounds like... Continue Reading →

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