Machine Creation Services Primer – Part 2

In the first part of the Machine Creation Services Primer, we focused on the creation of Pooled-Random, Pooled-Static and Dedicated desktops. The process was very similar. However, at this point, items start to change and I want to focus on updating the master image, as this question usually comes up pretty quickly. With Machine Creation... Continue Reading →


Machine Creation Services Primer – Part 1

I get a lot of questions about different components of XenDesktop. What are they? How do they work? Should I use it? I've decided to spend some cycles trying to provide information about some of these components. The first one we will hit is Machine Creation Services. Machine Creation Services (MCS) is one option for... Continue Reading →

XenApp Virtualization Best Practices

One of the first questions when virtualizing XenApp is how many VMs to put on a server. Well, that was discussed in the Virtualize XenApp blog. Once you figure out how you plan to carve up the physical server, one of the next common questions is deciding which features of the hypervisor to enable/disable. For... Continue Reading →

Virtualize XenApp

Here is a pretty common question… I want to virtualize my XenApp servers, how should I carve the physical server up? Should I use a bunch of small VMs or a few massive VMs? First, you have to look at a few decision points: OS Scalability: This is more of an issue in Windows 2003.... Continue Reading →

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