Let’s Play 20 Questions with Project Accelerator

Over a year ago (August 2011) we released an update to the Citrix Desktop Accelerator. That was a major update, as it provided a list of design decisions you would answer in order to properly design your XenDesktop solution.

It’s great that we provided all of those decisions, but we started to wonder if people even knew how to answer them correctly? Could most people say how many IOPS a user group needs when many don’t even know what it is? How about storage space? CPU cores?  And I’m pretty sure many would get stuck on one of the first questions, “Choose your FlexCast model”.  Most people didn’t even know what FlexCast is, so how could we have expected them to answer that particular question correctly?

I bet if we asked the right 20 questions, we could come up with a recommended virtual desktop design that would not only pick the right FlexCast model, but also provide answers to all the design decisions.

That was in late 2011 and boy did my life change. You might have noticed my blogging activity fell off a cliff around that time.  That’s because in 2012, I spent all of my time working with Citrix Consulting to develop logic to make that goal, wish, crazy idea a reality.

Jump forward to December 10, 2012, and something amazing happened. We released the Assess phase of the Citrix Project Accelerator!!!!









It is truly exciting to see one of these architecture diagrams or sizing plans generate, but I always get questions that start with “How are you calculating…”.

There are a lot of calculations and best practices supporting the Citrix Project Accelerator and we will go through some of the major ones in upcoming blogs, so stay tuned and take Project Accelerator for a spin.

Once you’ve had a chance to take a look, let me know what you think.

Daniel – Lead ArchitectProject Accelerator

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