Windows 10 Optimization – Part 4 – User Interface

I think I create my to-do lists wrong. I never feel like I'm making any progress. For example, one item on my to-do list was "Fix sailboat rudder". It was looking pretty gnarly, plus my tiller broke, which made for an interesting sail back to the mooring. This one item on my list took me... Continue Reading →


Windows 10 Optimization – Part 3 – Scheduled Tasks

Living in the cold north, you learn to take vacation during the 3 weeks of summer (it really isn't that bad). I typically spend this time windsurfing, sailing, biking or camping (notice all outdoor activities). Unfortunately, when vacation time gets close, I start to see a growing honey-do list. I spent a good portion of... Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Optimization – Part 2 – Services

Note: New article on Services Optimization for VDI posted that includes the Anniversary (Build 1607) and Creator (Build 1703) updates. This post is only for the original (Build 1511) release. In the Windows 10 Optimization - Part 1, I mostly focused on those applications which come pre-installed. Removing the apps shouldn't help us get better... Continue Reading →

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