App-V Integration Overview with XenApp

For those who follow my blog, you know that I do astrophotography. A big part of astrophotography is automation. Each galaxy, planetary nebula or cluster photo I create is based on capturing 30-60 pictures. Each photo is assessed for quality and then only the best images are aligned, rotated and stacked.

I use multiple pieces of software that integrate nicely together that helps me make decisions on what images to keep and what to discard as well perform many of the tedious and time consuming tasks like aligning and stacking my images.

Finding ways to integrate multiple pieces of software together makes for an even more compelling solution.

Let’s look at another example: Integrating with Microsoft App-V.

  1. XenApp and XenDesktop can publish App-V sequences to virtual desktops without the need for the Microsoft App-V infrastructure (Management Server, Publishing Server and database).
  2. Citrix AppDNA can help an administrator determine if an application is compatible with App-V.
  3. Citrix AppDNA can automatically create App-V sequences

Let’s see how this looks

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1 thought on “App-V Integration Overview with XenApp”

  1. Are there any good design docs about this integration? So which components will replace App-V management server – delivery controller
    (so in that case NLB will required to load Balance)? Which components is going to be used to stream application to App-V client ?


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