Integrate NetScaler with XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile

In part 1, I created certificates for my environment with Microsoft Certification Authority In part 2, I integrated XenMobile into my XenApp and XenDesktop environment In part 3, I will provide secure remote access to XenMobile, XenApp and XenDesktop with NetScaler. NetScaler and XenMobile In a browser, navigate to Go to the Configuration screen... Continue Reading →


Integrate XenMobile with XenApp and XenDesktop

I'm integrating XenMobile and NetScaler into my XenApp and XenDesktop lab. This is a multi-part blog focusing on the following topics: Certificates Integrate XenMobile with XenApp and XenDesktop Integrate NetScaler with XenMobile, XenApp and XenDesktop With our certificates created and installed, we can now integrate XenMobile with XenApp and XenDesktop. Encrypt XenApp, XenDesktop and StoreFront... Continue Reading →

Citrix Visio Stencils (June 2017)

Note: These stencils are outdated. Use the latest Citrix Workspace Visio Stencils. Now that Citrix Synergy is over, I've got some new Visio stencils for Citrix architects. First, I've got role-based stencils for NetScaler (based on a request from a Citrix architect and Visio user). Second, I created a stencil for Citrix Cloud XenMobile Service... Continue Reading →

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