Windows 10 – Resource Utilization

Every 6 months, Microsoft releases a major update to Windows 10. To be more precise, it is better to identify Windows 10 releases with version numbers (1503, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709,  1803 and 1809).  The format is the year and month of the release, so 1503 is March 2015 and 1709 is September 2017. Microsoft... Continue Reading →


Citrix Workspace Architecture Poster

At a high-level, Citrix Workspace securely delivers apps and data to users while allowing admins to maintain control over resources in a decentralized environment. You might have seen this high-level diagram as well. The diagram breaks the Workspace out into a set of core concepts Unified Experience Contextual Access Contextual Performance Endpoint Management App Ops... Continue Reading →

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