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With so much discussion around the value, the features and the options of desktop virtualization, the architecture cannot be ignored. Even if the best solution is selected, the implementation will fail unless it is properly designed and deployed.  This site strives to provide an understanding, including my work as a Lead Architect at Citrix, of the practices and examples of desktop virtualization implementations.

If you are on Twitter, feel free to follow me (@djfeller) and I’ll keep you updated on the latest in desktop virtualization

Stay, look around and please comment, especially if you disagree with me.  I believe the best way to get new perspectives is to talk with those who disagree with your own viewpoints.

The content on this blog cannot be reposted without my consent.

Daniel Feller

10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. i saw this twitter , yesterday . Where do i find more info about this ??
    “Citrix Machine Creating Services on #XenDesktop5 req. 1.5x more IOPS compared to PVS “


  2. hi daniel

    i want make next week my cce exam, have you some good training stuff i can use? i read in my bibel citrix_virtual_handbook a lot, also all docs from prep guide. is there maybe something that you can also recommend for me?


  3. Hey Daniel. Always love your stuff. Can you point me to anything you’ve written about Windows Server 2012 R2 Optimizations for Citrix Xenapp? Thanks, appreciate it.


  4. Hi Daniel,

    I hope this will get you in time, I would like to ask regarding our requirement. So our company is planning to have a DR solution with our existing farm. We want to have an active/passive(warm) configuration which if Site A goes down, Site B will be active and the applications that users were accessed are still available. Hope you could give me guidance on this. Thanks!


  5. Hi Daniel,

    I have a question about StoreFront Internal beacons. I have to change mine. Does this mean I need to change the beacon on all of the receiver clients? The SF documentation says you do and I found the below powershell script that can automate. However, I am not sure if I need b\c in my lab and I noticed that every time I change the internal beacon on the SF server the beacon listed in hkcu\software\citrix\receiver\SR\store\Store#\Beacons\Internal\Addr0\ changed automatically. Does you know if it automatically does that after a Citrix Receiver 4.4?


  6. I am working on a cutover to existing StoreFront 2.6 to new StoreFront 3.12. The new StoreFront servers will have the same store name as the current production servers, and the beacons are the same as well. They will be using the same URL as well because all we are doing is switch the server names to the new server in the NetScaler VIP. We are getting different results from a user experience perspective in the Citrix Receiver application after testing the cutover. After cutting over to the new servers, some users see an empty receiver and need to add their applications back, but others either see a folder where their Citrix apps are located in but not a link to launch the application. What have you guys seen out in the field? I thought the expected behavior was that the users would need to re-populate the icons, that’s how its consistently working for the StoreFront Web Receiver.


  7. is there any way to migrate users from Citrix Receiver application to Citrix Receiver Web Site. I currently have a client that is using Citrix Receiver local application and they want to move away from that and have all of their users access applciation from the Citrix Receiver website. Any suggestions on how i can do that?


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