Workspace app with StoreFront

You might have heard that the next version of Citrix Receiver is Citrix Workspace app.  Workspace app extends the capabilities of Receiver to incorporate other on-premises and cloud-hosted services, like Virtual Apps and Desktops (traditional, on-premises deployment) Virtual Apps and Desktops Service Access Control Content Collaboration Endpoint Management Because Citrix Workspace incorporates more than Windows/Linux apps and desktops, the user interface also changed. The question I always get is Can I use Workspace app with StoreFront?  Yes What happens if I use Workspace app with  StoreFront? You will get the same experience as Receiver. Only when you point Workspace app … Continue reading Workspace app with StoreFront

LoginVSI PowerShell – Perfmon

A large number of LoginVSI tests I perform are single user tests.  I want to compare a single user’s bandwidth usage, RAM usage, CPU usage, etc. I know that LoginVSI incorporates monitoring, but these tests, I prefer perfmon data. How do I get perfmon to start capturing metrics when a user logs in and stop when a user logs off?  How do I automate the filenames for the perfmon captures so I can easily identify different tests? V4-VSI-Logon.cmd LoginVSI already has a file that gets executed when a user logs on (\\domaincontroller\netlogon\V4-VSI-Logon.cmd). I will simply add a command to this … Continue reading LoginVSI PowerShell – Perfmon

LoginVSI PowerShell – Automate Tests

I have a PowerShell function that preps my lab and another executes a single LoginVSI test.  Now, I need to fully automate my LoginVSI testing to perform multiple tests without any interaction.  I need to do the following: Perform a test for each Master VM I specify For each Master VM, test specific workloads For each workload, test specific Virtual Apps and Desktops policies Perform each test twice, for 60 minutes each If I have 1 master VM, 2 workloads, and 3 different policies, and I want each test to run twice, this script will run a total of 12 … Continue reading LoginVSI PowerShell – Automate Tests

Citrix Hypervisor PowerShell – Reset VM

This XenServer PowerShell script resets a XenServer VM by doing the following: Shuts down the VM down and waits for the VM to power off Reverting to the “Baseline” snapshot (creates one if one not already created) Starts the VM Waits for VM to be in a running state, (waits until the VM’s Netlogon Windows service is running) Continue reading Citrix Hypervisor PowerShell – Reset VM

x.509 Certificate Rejected for SaaS SSO

I’m trying to setup single sign-on to a new SaaS app with Citrix Access Control and ran into a strange issue. The SaaS app is rejecting my x.509 certificate because it is incorrect. Let’s look at this a little closer. When you create a new SSO configuration for a SaaS app in Citrix Access Control, there is a link on the right-side of the page that includes your metadata, which is specific to your workspace. Selecting that link, gives you all of this information In many cases, you can simply copy the information in the X509Certificate section and paste that … Continue reading x.509 Certificate Rejected for SaaS SSO

Website Rendering Issues

I ran into an interesting issue with the URL filtering aspect of Citrix Access Control service for SaaS apps.  I’m trying to do the following: Block categories Malware and SPAM Peer-toper/Torrents Adult Gambling Illegal/Harmful Redirect categories Social networking Allowed websites * Unfortunately, when I access from my SaaS app with enhanced security enabled, I get this: I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the website is supposed to look like.  In fact, my first reaction is “DANG CITRIX!!!” But, it isn’t Citrix fault and let me show you why. Launch Chrome browser Navigate to In the Customize and Control … Continue reading Website Rendering Issues