End User Experience or Density

With a virtual desktop, what do you care more about: End user experience or virtual desktop density? It comes down to who you ask. If I ask myself this question but with a user’s perspective, my response would be that I want my virtual desktop to be able to access company resources, to watch videos (some work-related, others not so much), and to listen to my voicemails as they are delivered to me via email. When I use Office Communicator, I want to have a voice conversation with one of my coworkers, but I’m not into the whole video conferencing … Continue reading End User Experience or Density

Lessons Learned with vCPU Allocation and HDX

How many of you have read the XenDesktop Planning Guide called “VM-Based VDI Resource Allocation” that is in the XenDesktop Design Handbook? Hopefully, there are a lot as it provides a table with initial recommendations for allocating vCPU, RAM, steady state IOPS for VDI type desktops. Remember, these are estimates! User Group Operating System vCPU Allocation Memory Allocation Avg IOPS (Steady State) Estimate Users/Core Light Windows XP 1 768MB-1 GB 3-5 10-12 Windows 7 1 1-1.5 GB 4-6 8-10 Normal Windows XP 1 1-1.5 GB 6-10 8-10 Windows 7 1 1.5-2 GB 8-12 6-8 Power Windows XP 1 1.5-2 GB … Continue reading Lessons Learned with vCPU Allocation and HDX