Light Users: Hosted VM-based or Hosted Shared Desktops

I recently posted a blog focusing on the resource requirements for hosted VM-based virtual desktops. These are realistic numbers and should make you wonder if the hosted VM-based virtual desktop is the most appropriate solution for all four user categories. What I found interesting was I had another blog identified as a follow-up talking about… Continue reading Light Users: Hosted VM-based or Hosted Shared Desktops

VDI Resource Allocation

I have seen a lot of scalability reports lately around desktop virtualization. This is good in that we can start to see how the different things we do can provide better capacity. However, one thing that does trouble me is when I see tests only allocating 512 or 768MB of RAM to a Windows 7… Continue reading VDI Resource Allocation

Deciding How to Integrate Applications into a Virtual Desktop

A customer asked me, in fact many customers have asked me this question, "I've got a XenApp environment and I want to add virtual desktops for my users. What is the best way to integrate the applications?" My response, "It depends". And like all things in the IT world, most decisions do depend on many… Continue reading Deciding How to Integrate Applications into a Virtual Desktop

Consolidate for Small Scale

The Ask the Architect email inbox is getting quite large and I've received some great questions. I thought I would answer a question around the small-medium business (SMB) space, as it relates directly to a recently delivered Virtual Desktops for the SMB TechTalk and the reference design included within the XenDesktop Design Handbook. Namely, the… Continue reading Consolidate for Small Scale

How to Avoid Turning Your XenApp into Frankenstein

I just got done watching Mary Shelley's Frankenstein the other day. You  know how the story goes. Victor Frankenstein putting pieces together to create something new. It works, but it is not what Victor expected. In fact, it is so horrible that it scares everyone and destroys all who stand in its way. I also… Continue reading How to Avoid Turning Your XenApp into Frankenstein

Fun TechTalk on XenDesktop Enterprise Design

One of the best things about my position is I get to talk to a lot of smart people, do some pretty cool things (like playing around with the iPad), and constantly learn. For example, any idea why you would modify the "Maximum Transition Rate"? Do you even have an idea what it is? I… Continue reading Fun TechTalk on XenDesktop Enterprise Design

Moving from a SMB Virtual Desktop Solution to Enterprise Scale

I recently got a great question on Facebook about when to add additional XenDesktop controllers and Provisioning services servers as the environment expands. As I'm long winded, I thought a blog entry makes more sense than a Facebook comment. First, your initial design should plan for the future. I recently had a customer conversation that… Continue reading Moving from a SMB Virtual Desktop Solution to Enterprise Scale

Operations is the bane of desktop management

Many believe that virtual desktops are the gateway to easier desktop deployment. They are until a certain period of time passes when you realize you still must maintain your desktops. The goal of many virtual desktop implementations is to reduce the number of desktop images that must be maintained. Recently, I've had quite a few… Continue reading Operations is the bane of desktop management

Virtual Desktop Mistakes Conclusion

The virtual desktop top 10 list is complete! Of course there are numerous things people can do to mess up their environment, but the 10 discussed are probably the 10 most critical. If you get them wrong, you will struggle to survive. But the list doesn't end there. My colleagues (Tarkan Koçoglu, Nicholas Rintalan and… Continue reading Virtual Desktop Mistakes Conclusion

Virtual Desktop Bandwidth – Revisited

Back in May 2010, I started my Top 10 Mistakes Made with Virtual Desktops. I talked about how much bandwidth certain activities require when using XenDesktop and HDX. The table I provided is great, but it does pose the question, "What does a person do with this information?" Since then, I've been able to spend… Continue reading Virtual Desktop Bandwidth – Revisited