Which Hosted Virtual Desktop Do I Use?

This question has come up quite a few times in the past week, so I thought I would try to add some clarity. It all comes down to people looking to move to XenDesktop 5 from XenDesktop 4. Most of the XenDesktop 4 implementations are using Provisioning Services for single image management. When you create… Continue Reading →


Do You Have a Virtual Desktop Operations Team?

I got asked an interesting question the other day, “What is going to be the biggest challenge for desktop virtualization in 2011?” A lot of thoughts went through my head, many of them technical. But one that kept coming back wasn’t… Operations. Think about what we are doing with desktop virtualization. We are creating an… Continue Reading →

Planning the XenDesktop 5 Database

With XenApp and previous versions of XenDesktop, the database was just the storage repository for static information. We really didn’t spend much time thinking about the impact of the database on production environments. The databases were small. They databases didn’t have a big impact on the underlying system. So what about XenDesktop 5’s SQL Database?… Continue Reading →

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