Building Legos at Work

How many of you still play with Legos? This is one of the benefits of having kids… I get to buy and play with Legos without anyone thinking that I’m too old for those toys. It’s amazing what options you have, although I find that I end up spending most of my time using one… Continue Reading →


Application compatibility with Windows 7

How many of you have migrated to Windows 7? If the company you work for has, I bet there are a host of applications that are not compatible with Windows 7 (although Win7 is much better at app compatibility than Vista). So what options do you have? . Let’s say your application worked fine with… Continue Reading →

Virtual Desktops in the Classroom

I got a great question into the Ask the Architect email bag that I thought it would be great to share and potentially create a good discussion. Let’s say you are in a classroom setting where students are only in the class for 4 weeks and then after those 4 weeks, you need to reset… Continue Reading →

Streamed VHD

I was recently asked a question about how we can still utilize endpoint hardware computing power when doing desktop virtualization. If doing a hosted VM-based virtual desktop, you can do the client-side rendering of flash and other multimedia activities, but there is another option that most people forget about… Streamed VHD. You simply turn that… Continue Reading →

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