The Future of the Desktop at Citrix Synergy GeekSpeak Live

I attended the Citrix Synergy GeekSpeak future of the desktop discussion. For those of you who watched it live, I bet you thought it was interesting to hear the panel’s comments about where they think the desktop is going.  They talked of grand ideas of no local desktop, apps in the cloud, consumerization, what Microsoft… Continue Reading →


Big or Small VMs for XenApp

Many of us know that if we virtualize XenApp servers using a 32bit OS, we can more fully utilize the physical servers. This is possible because the 32bit OS will reach system limits before we reach physical hardware limits. By adding more VMs, we effectively increase the scalability of the physical hardware by more fully… Continue Reading →

End User Experience or Density

With a virtual desktop, what do you care more about: End user experience or virtual desktop density? It comes down to who you ask. If I ask myself this question but with a user’s perspective, my response would be that I want my virtual desktop to be able to access company resources, to watch videos… Continue Reading →

Migrate from MCS to PVS

When installing XenDesktop 5, I bet many people were interested in using Machine Creation Services. And why not? It is easy to setup and configure because there is nothing to setup and configure. What could be easier? However, as many of you start to grow your desktop virtualization implementations to include more users, more desktops… Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned with vCPU Allocation and HDX

How many of you have read the XenDesktop Planning Guide called “VM-Based VDI Resource Allocation” that is in the XenDesktop Design Handbook? Hopefully, there are a lot as it provides a table with initial recommendations for allocating vCPU, RAM, steady state IOPS for VDI type desktops. Remember, these are estimates! User Group Operating System vCPU… Continue Reading →

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