Does Personal vDisk solve the application challenge?

At Citrix Synergy 2012 the other week, I had a lot of discussions with people around Personal vDisk. This is the new technology in XenDesktop 5.6, which you can get from the Synergy session: SYN119 Deep dive on XenDesktop personal vDisk. In a nutshell, it separates the base image from user customizations allowing an administrator… Continue Reading →


Is Podio the Next Generation Desktop?

During Citrix Synergy last week, I was in the audience watching the demos. One demo in particular, Podio, got me thinking about the value of a desktop. What is a desktop? Is it needed? Why? I’ve been a proponent of a desktop operating system and of desktop virtualization. Being a workshifting Citrite (what we call… Continue Reading →

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