Extending the blueprint to focus on your resource layer

Users Access Resources The Resources layer is the next stage of the blueprint. Resources are the desktops and applications that we want to deliver to each user. This is also where many people get stuck because the perception is that there are a lot of options. There can be a lot of option until you… Continue Reading →


Blueprint for Accessing your desktops and apps

Based on the XenDesktop 7 Blueprint, we have already created a definition of our user layer. The next step is to define how users will access their environment. Just like a house, you have doors and locks. In order to gain entry, you have to have the right keys for the right door. Defining the… Continue Reading →

Do you have your XenDesktop 7 Blueprint?

Here is a little secret… Most XenDesktop environments are extremely similar. In fact, if you ignore the numerous hardware combinations out there, the similarities increase greatly. You have user groups (some internal and some external) that need access to some type of resource, whether it be a desktop or an application, which is supported on… Continue Reading →

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