SMB Tuning for XenApp

Many of us who worked on XenApp servers with Windows 2000/2003 remember tuning the SMB settings of MaxMpxCt. In short, this allowed a XenApp server to make more simultaneous SMB connections to a file server. Think about it, on XenApp, you have 50-100 users making connections to a file server. The file server sees those… Continue Reading →


Windows 7 Optimization Guide for XenDesktop

If you have been following my ongoing commentary regarding Windows 7 optimizations for virtual desktops, you have probably been wondering when all of this information will be put into a document. Well, it has finally happened. Based on many of the items Citrix Consulting has identified, we have our initial Windows 7 optimization guide for… Continue Reading →

Optimize Your Virtual Desktop Recycle Bin

I’m reading more and more Windows 7 optimization guides for virtual desktops and I’m starting to believe that many people are focusing too much on scalability and too little on the user experience. I’ve spoken about people taking optimizations too far before, but this time I want to talk about one item… the Recycle Bin?… Continue Reading →

Feller’s Law on Virtual Desktop Optimizations

I’ve been spending time developing the Citrix recommendations for Windows 7 optimization and came to an interesting conclusion: many of these settings sounds good, but they don’t really have much impact. I’ve now read two different studies on this: Ron Oglesby’s assessment Project VRC’s Deep Dive What have I learned? You will get minimal performance… Continue Reading →

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