Set Virtual Desktop Idle Timeouts Correctly

One of the major advantages of virtualizing the desktop is security. Organizations are better able to keep data internal as opposed to letting it sit on endpoint devices located anywhere in the world. But security doesn’t stop there. I recently observed an interesting situation that we all need to be aware of to avoid. Imagine… Continue Reading →


XenDesktop Design Handbook – No Registration Required

A few months ago we released the XenDesktop Design Handbook that contained a collection of reference designs, implementation guides and planning guides. When it was initially released, it had a few items. Over the past couple of months we have included additional items like Bandwidth planning Windows 7 optimization guide VM resource allocation SMB reference… Continue Reading →

VDI Resource Allocation

I have seen a lot of scalability reports lately around desktop virtualization. This is good in that we can start to see how the different things we do can provide better capacity. However, one thing that does trouble me is when I see tests only allocating 512 or 768MB of RAM to a Windows 7… Continue Reading →

Provisioning Services and CIFS Shares

Looks like we can use CIFS shares to store our vDisk images.  Yes, you heard that right, CIFS shares are OK to use.  Take a look at Citrix Sr. Consultant Dan Allen’s blog about Provisioning Services and CIFS Stores – Tuning For Performance.  Why does this matter? First we’ve always said not to use CIFS… Continue Reading →

RAM Smorgasbord

When I talk about virtual desktop specifications, we often break down our users into a few different categories (Light, Normal, Power, and Heavy). These categories correspond to the resources we allocate to the virtual desktop (assuming we are talking about the hosted VM-Based desktop model). This should be no surprise. This discussion directly relates to… Continue Reading →

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