The truth about XenDesktop 4 scalability

We’ve heard about it, we’ve seen it and we’ve read about it from Citrix, from VMware, from Microsoft and from just about everyone else. We see one report showing one technology is better than the other but then we see another report showing the exact opposite.  Doesn’t this leave you wondering what you should do next.  You might be wondering what in the world am I talking about?

I’m talking about SCALABILITY!

Scalability is such a touchy subject that to discuss it is opening yourself up to blogs, tweets and messages saying you are totally crazy or you are spot on. But you might be thinking that because I work for Citrix, so I only care about XenServer. You couldn’t be more wrong.

As part of the Citrix Consulting organization, we have to create enterprise designs for XenDesktop. And because XenDesktop supports XenServer, Hyper-V and ESX, we have to deal with each hypervisor. We have customers who are running XenDesktop with one of the three hypervisors and one area of focus we have to deal with is scalability. So let’s talk about it. But this discussion is not focused on claiming that I’m better than you, but instead it will focus on how you should design your environment for scale.

If you want to hear about the scalability design recommendations for a XenDesktop environment across any hypervisor, you should plan to attend this GeekSpeak session on May 13 from 1:25-2PM in the Solutions Expo Hall Lounge.

I might even show you how to get insane scalability numbers, but it might be dangerous to your health.  You’ll have to attend Citrix Synergy to find out how.

And remember to please leave the vendor bashing at the door.

Daniel – Lead Architect – Citrix

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