The Virtual School Is In Session, Please Take your Seats

Once upon a time, there was a little school (70,000 users) with a  little problem (desktops over 5 years old) with a little idea. The school was trying to find a way to make the tax money go further. The newest desktops were 5 years old with many more approaching 10 years.  Depending on the school within the district meant different endpoints, different applications and even different quality.  With so many students having home PCs, the school was also interested in allowing these students to work with their applications while not at school.

The school decided to try something new… desktop virtualization.

But if you had to create a desktop virtualization design for a school or your organization, how would you begin? What would you focus on?  What do you think are the most important design components?  That is what we will focus on during a Ask the Architect TechTalk on June 18th at 1PM Eastern time.  Not only will we focus on the hypevisor, which is Microsoft Hyper-V, we will also focus on the three Citrix FlexCast models used, the image delivery solution, applications integration and how the XenDesktop farm is designed.

There will be many interesting points throughout the TechTalk including this one:

To help save money, local Hyper-V disk drives will be used for the virtual desktops instead of more extensive SAN storage. I’ve spoken about this in a previous blog and this design puts it into effect.

Still aren’t convinced that you should tune in? Then how about looking at these tidbits for the environment.

  • Hyper-V Servers for desktops: 300
  • Hyper-V servers for infrastructure components: 8
  • Provisioning Services servers: 8
  • Blade PCs: 500
  • Shared Storage: 300-700 GB
  • Number of desktop images: 5

Still not convinced? Then how about taking a look at the ABC School District design document. You can also read about some of the design considerations for this organization in these blogs:

Don’t forget to register and I hope to see you there and hear some great questions.

Daniel – Lead Architect

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