Windows 7 Migration at BriForum

What would you say if I were to tell you that migrating to a virtual desktop was no different than if you were going to migrate to Windows 7?  I’m being serious.  Migrating a user to a virtual desktop has many similarities to migrating a user to Windows 7 on a traditional desktop.  With a Windows 7 migration, we are concerned with hardware, operating system, applications, personalization, and more.  With a virtual desktop migration, we are focused on hardware, operating system, applications, personalization and more. Same focus areas. Interesting

Of course there are some differences. For example, regardless of the path you are taking, most organizations will create their “Corporate Desktop Image”. At its core, the standard desktop image would have similar configurations like removing games, disabling Media Center, adding anti-virus software, etc. This would be done if Windows 7 were on a traditional desktop or on a virtual desktop.  But on the virtual desktop we will likely do more. We will likely do things like:

  • Disable unused Windows services
  • Modify the behavior of the Defragmentation subsystem
  • Disable the Background Layout Service after it has executed once
  • Clean and optimize the image before deployment

Not only that, but with a virtualized Windows 7 environment we will also modify certain aspects to provide greater responsiveness for the user. These are important in certain FlexCast instances where the user is not sitting in front of the Windows 7 desktop.    What optimizations am I talking about?  How about the shadow of your mouse?  Did you even know your mouse had a shadow.  Honestly, I didn’t.  But simply disabling this little feature can provide greater responsiveness for the user.

These are the things I’ve been gathering from our Windows 7 deployments.  These lessons learned will help you on your way to Windows 7.  These are the things I am excited to be discussing during my BriForum session next week in Chicago.     I hope to see you there.

Daniel – Lead Architect

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