The New XenDesktop Design Handbook

All I want is a list of documents that will help me design my XenDesktop environment.  Who else wants the same thing?  I bet many of you are saying “Yes, Me too!!”  That’s great and everything but how do you know when a new white paper is released that relates to XenDesktop design?  Do you keep your own personal library of white papers for XenDesktop design?  And even more, how do you keep informed when updates are made to previously released white papers?

I’ve got a special treat for you, the NEW XenDesktop Design Handbook.  Instead of trying to create a 1,000 page document that discusses all of the different design options and best practices, we are creating a kit for XenDesktop architects.  In the kit you will find some goodies:

  1. Reference Architectures
  2. Reference Designs
  3. Implementation Guides
  4. Planning Guides

This is just the start.  If you subscribe to the kit, you will be able to receive notifications when updates are made to the Design Handbook. We are in the process of developing many new best practice documents focused on different design areas that you won’t want to miss.  Interested yet? Then how about I give you the link to the NEW XenDesktop Design Handbook (note: you must log on to MyCitrix). You can also get the link via the Documents menu item above.

And finally, if you have requests for new design planning guides, please email Ask the Architect.

Daniel – Lead Architect

2 thoughts on “The New XenDesktop Design Handbook”

  1. Hey Daniel, like I said on the Citrix post of this, thank you for putting everything in one place. It’s a fantastic resource!

    I do have a request though. I am using XenDesktop and XenServer without Provisioning Server. To the best of my knowledge, PVS is not meant to provide a large number of private images. The project I’m working on requires private images for users in IT and development, so I’m managing VMs exclusively through XenServer and the PSH SDK. It would be great if tips for that configuration were to show up at some point in the future. 🙂

    Thanks again!

    — Chris


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