Design XenDesktop for the SMB

I often receive questions around XenDesktop design like

  • How should I design my XenDesktop environment for 50 or 100 users?
  • What hardware should I use?
  • What if I want to start small and slowly grow the environment?

This is an interesting use case, the small to medium business. Do you need all of the bells and whistles that a large enterprise needs? Probably not. Do you need to include extensive high-availability options? Probably not. Do you need to dedicate infrastructure components? Probably not.

In fact, designing a XenDesktop solution for the SMB can be done quite easily, which is what we will be discussing during the upcoming Ask the Architect TechTalk – Virtual Desktops for the SMB. This Ask the Architect TechTalk is going to be a little different than the ones in the past. This time we are going to spend roughly 30 minutes providing the recommended SMB approach for XenDesktop. After that, we will be taking your questions and answering them as best we can. Who will be answering your questions on the TechTalk?

  • Tarkan Kocoglu – Director within the Worldwide Consulting Solutions team
  • Thomas Berger – Architect within the Worldwide Consulting Solutions team
  • Daniel Feller (Me) – Lead Architect within the Worldwide Consulting Solutions team

I’m extremely excited about this Ask the Architect TechTalk because I’ve got two very smart people helping me answer your questions. I am looking forward to hearing your questions so make sure you registrar and attend.

Daniel – Lead Architect
XenDesktop Design Handbook

4 thoughts on “Design XenDesktop for the SMB”

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Excellent webinar. One question I have though is around MCS and Hyper-V; which is the setup we’ll be using for part of the project I’m working on. Because Hyper-V doesn’t use NFS, did I hear correctly that MCS will create full sized disks for each VDI VM rather than thin provisioned ones?




  2. Hello Daniel

    Unfortunately i missed the live webinar 😦 but I already download the pre-recorded session!

    I question I do have is for a scenario where I have to deliver 400 streamed VHD vdisks. Customer has recently purchased 400 fat clients and heard about the Citrix flexcast model where streaming the virtual desktops to endpoints is possible and now whats to switch to the virtual desktop model.
    So far I have worked with VDI and hosted share desktop models and I would like if possible to receive advised on things to watch out for when desinging the environment, any best practices or recommendations from you will be highly appreciated!!

    Thanks for your effort in putting this forums and blogs together for guys like us!



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