Ask the Architects in Barcelona

If you could ask a Citrix consulting architect a question, what would it be? Would you ask a specific design question about your environment? Or would you focus on better understanding a XenDesktop concept? Or would you ask them who their favorite Star Trek captain is (Benjamin Sisko)? What if you could ask 8 architects? Well, Synergy Barcelona is your chance. Not going to Barcelona? Don’t stop reading yet.

As you might have seen, Citrix Consulting is presenting a 5-part series on desktop transformation. We are splitting the series up into the following concepts:

  1. Desktop Transformation overview and user segmentation
  2. Architecture design
  3. Storage
  4. User experience

The observant people reading will notice I only have 4 topics but it is a 5-part series. Unfortunately, most of the time at conferences you sit there listening with little time left to ask how things relate to you. Well in Barcelona, things are different. Part 5 (SYN310) is called “Ask the Architects”. We will have consulting storage experts, architecture experts, HDX experts and business experts on stage ready to answer your questions. Not only that, we will also be able to speak in English (UK), English (US), German, Spanish, Italian, and maybe a few others.

I hear some people already saying “But I can’t go to Synergy Barcelona because I went to Synergy San Francisco instead”. Well, you are not out of luck either. Feel free to post a question in the blog. If it ranks high enough, we will try to answer it in Barcelona and potentially future blogs. Hopefully, you are registered or are planning to register and I will see you there.

Twitter: @djfeller

1 thought on “Ask the Architects in Barcelona”

  1. One size does not fit all. I am also looking the answer of this! Ther sould alwways be hybrid enviorment. sometime 60/20/20 60% SBC and 20% VDI and 20% traditionel desktops and some time 30-50 % tradionel desktop and the rest VDI and SBC.


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