Citrix Workspace Architecture Poster

At a high-level, Citrix Workspace securely delivers apps and data to users while allowing admins to maintain control over resources in a decentralized environment.

You might have seen this high-level diagram as well.

The diagram breaks the Workspace out into a set of core concepts

  1. Unified Experience
  2. Contextual Access
  3. Contextual Performance
  4. Endpoint Management
  5. App Ops
  6. Content Control
  7. Analytics

But what do these really mean? How do they work? How do all of these pieces fit together into a user’s workspace?

With a lot of help from many people within Citrix, I gained a new level of understanding on these 7 core concepts for Citrix Workspace.  For me, as a techie, I understand solutions better if I can create a diagram explaining the flow, which is why I created the Citrix Workspace Poster (PDF File)

The Citrix Workspace Architecture Poster breaks the high-level concept into a series of user and admin flow diagrams utilizing a set of Citrix Cloud services and micro services to provide everything from a single sign-on to user behavior analytics.

As with most things in the technology, this poster is not final. Some functionality is final. Some of these capabilities are a work in progress.  Some ideas haven’t even been dreamed of yet.

Stay tuned as I try and keep this poster up to date.


Daniel (Follow on Twitter @djfeller)
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XenApp/XenDesktop Cloud Service Poster
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