Website Rendering Issues

I ran into an interesting issue with the URL filtering aspect of Citrix Access Control service for SaaS apps.  I’m trying to do the following:

  • Block categories
    • Malware and SPAM
    • Peer-toper/Torrents
    • Adult
    • Gambling
    • Illegal/Harmful
  • Redirect categories
    • Social networking
  • Allowed websites
    • *

Unfortunately, when I access from my SaaS app with enhanced security enabled, I get this:

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the website is supposed to look like.  In fact, my first reaction is “DANG CITRIX!!!”

But, it isn’t Citrix fault and let me show you why.

  • Launch Chrome browser
  • Navigate to
  • In the Customize and Control Chrome menu item (3 vertical dots), select More Tools – Developer Tools
  • Select Sources

It looks like the page is using content from  This is being blocked by URL filtering policies.  in order for us to get the Twitter website rendering correctly, we need to allow the * website.
After we make this change, Twitter now renders correctly.

Daniel (Follow on Twitter @djfeller)
Citrix Workspace Poster
XenApp/XenDesktop On-Prem Poster
XenApp/XenDesktop Cloud Service Poster


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