Workspace app with StoreFront

You might have heard that the next version of Citrix Receiver is Citrix Workspace app.  Workspace app extends the capabilities of Receiver to incorporate other on-premises and cloud-hosted services, like

  • Virtual Apps and Desktops (traditional, on-premises deployment)
  • Virtual Apps and Desktops Service
  • Access Control
  • Content Collaboration
  • Endpoint Management

Because Citrix Workspace incorporates more than Windows/Linux apps and desktops, the user interface also changed.

The question I always get is

  1. Can I use Workspace app with StoreFront?  Yes
  2. What happens if I use Workspace app with  StoreFront? You will get the same experience as Receiver.

Only when you point Workspace app to Citrix Workspace will you get the new workspace experience.  This actually makes the user migration easier, in that you can have both environments running side-by-side and slowly move users off of the StoreFront experience and onto the Workspace experience.

Daniel (Follow on Twitter @djfeller)
Citrix Workspace Poster
XenApp/XenDesktop On-Prem Poster
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1 thought on “Workspace app with StoreFront”

  1. Hi Daniel, I have a question about Citrix WorkSpace Experience…
    Can I have Apps&Dsk service in cloud and my Netscaler and StoreFront on-prem and have to WorkSpace Experience? for example.. SaaS apps (public on CitrixCloud), ShareFile links, etc…. into my workspace? Of course if I access to WorkSpace cloud url…



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