Logon: Brokering

I just experienced a 100+ second logon time for my Virtual Apps and Desktops session. Hopefully, you are not thinking “That’s pretty fast”.

If I look at the detailed breakdown of my logon time, you can see it is a mess. Something is happening with my environment to cause things to spike.

I want to focus on Brokering. Why is this logon so long when compared to the user average for the past 7 days?

To better identify where to start troubleshooting, we need to better understand the brokering process.

When the user selects a link to start a session, the session launch workflow utilizes Gateway, StoreFront, Delivery Controller, the SQL database and the virtual desktop.  In this particular instance, my users are all internal and access the environment directly, so we can eliminate Gateway from our analysis.

Once connected to the session, performance is normal, which eliminates the virtual desktop as the culprit. 

Because I successfully launched my session, that means StoreFront, Delivery Controller and the SQL database are online and connected.

If the systems are online and are able to communicate with each other, that leaves system resources. Each component hits system resources differently

  1. Delivery Controller: Focus on CPU and RAM
  2. StoreFront: Focus on CPU and RAM
  3. Database: Focus on CPU, RAM and Disk

It turned out that my Delivery Controller had a 100% RAM utilization.

In order to reduce the brokering phase of the logon process, we need enough system resources.

Daniel (Follow on Twitter @djfeller)
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