YouTube in VDI

In my house, YouTube rules the network.

Not Netflix. Not Amazon Prime.


There are just so many cute cat videos. 🙂

YouTube is the biggest network consumer on my home network. Streaming media consumes 40% of my data usage and YouTube is 60% of that!

My users: 3 kids.

I’m concerned with bandwidth usage because my lovely broadband provider has caps on my usage. Yes it is 1TB per month, but can you believe we actually get close to hitting that every month!!!

Seriously. One terabyte of data. In a MONTH! Every Month!!! That is a lot of cat videos.

I’ve since trained them to set their default video quality well below 1080. On their devices (phones/tablets), I’m pretty sure they won’t notice differences between 1080/720/480.

Beyond this, I don’t concern myself with the quality of their viewing activity because it will be fine. But what about if we move into virtual desktops?

With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, we have this thing called Adaptive Display that determines how best to encode the data stream based on the content being displayed (video, graphics, text).

When the connection between your endpoint and virtual desktop is good, we don’t have to worry much. But what happens when we have latency? When we have bandwidth constraints? The quality will drop.

For heavily used public sites like YouTube, can we do something else. We can do browser content redirection so the endpoint renders the content instead of the virtual desktop.

We can even have the endpoint fetch the content instead of the virtual desktop. Endpoint fetching is more efficient than hairpinning back to the virtual desktop for the virtual desktop to fetch and then send the content to the endpoint.

What does this mean? Lower virtual desktop RAM utilization and CPU utilization.

To learn more about HDX, take a look at the Citrix Tech Zone page on HDX

Daniel (Twitter: @djfeller)

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