A better application layering solution with UniDesk

UniDesk is now part of Citrix! Are you wondering why? I could try to bury you with a list of features, but I want to focus on one fundamental difference that I think explains why. Let’s first look at the promise of application layering. Traditionally, administrators would install an application into an image.  The same… Continue reading A better application layering solution with UniDesk

AppDisk Episode 2: Technical

As we saw in the previous AppDisk video, creating and delivering an application layer to a VDI or RDS host is extremely easy due to the integration with Citrix Studio management console. Create, Install, Seal. But after watching the intro video, you might be left wondering a few things like What is app layering? How… Continue reading AppDisk Episode 2: Technical

AppDisk Episode 1: Create and Deploy

Since the dawn of the personal computing era, we have struggled to manage and maintain our applications. And many decades later, things are much more difficult because we not only have to figure out how to deliver the app but we also have to identify if the app is compatible with the underlying operating system… Continue reading AppDisk Episode 1: Create and Deploy