Show window contents while dragging

Let’s test your XenApp/XenDesktop design skills.

With XenApp/XenDesktop 7.15, do you want to show window contents while dragging?

NO CHEATING! Answer before continuing

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XenApp Best Practice #6: You Will Fail

I love the outdoors. I love being able to completely disconnect from the rest of the digital world. I want my kids to experience the same thing, which is why I often take them out on hikes. It is why I took my entire family on vacation to the Boundary Waters and Canoe Area in northern Minnesota. If you aren’t familiar with the BWCA, it is over 1,000,000 acres of complete wilderness. By complete wilderness I mean no roads, no electricity, no motors and no cell phone towers!!! You paddle across a lake, then throw the canoe and your backpack … Continue reading XenApp Best Practice #6: You Will Fail

XenApp Best Practice #4: The Right User Experience

Over the years, I’ve done quite a few wood working projects, like building a coffee table, end table, entertainment center, mudroom lockers, etc. Every project results in leftover pieces of wood. I dislike throwing perfectly good wood away, especially if it is large enough to make something. Last year, my wife asked me if I could build her a large desk. A desk where she could help the kids with art projects, wrap presents and work on photo albums. Lo and behold, I was able to build the desk with 100% scrap wood. Of course, using scraps meant that this … Continue reading XenApp Best Practice #4: The Right User Experience

XenApp Best Practice #3: Consistency

Back in my college years, I shared an apartment with a few other people.  One night, sitting in my room, at my PC, staring at the keyboard, trying to figure out how to complete a project for my COBOL class (yes, I’m that old). All of the sudden, I noticed some of the letters on my keyboard have been rearranged to spell something inappropriate 🙂  As I asked my roommates who was messing with my keyboard, they starting laughing because they did that over a month ago and completely forgot about it. I never look at my keyboard. I know … Continue reading XenApp Best Practice #3: Consistency