XenServer PowerShell: Capture Metrics

Sometimes, I need to capture CPU, RAM and disk metrics on my XenServer hosts.  I’ve been able to automate this process with PowerShell. Start-XSMetrics This script starts the metric gathering process on a XenServer host. The first block are the parameters. To make this work, I need to create a SSH session to the XenServer host. I had to use a PowerShell module to make this happen (SSH from PowerShell source). On XenServer, I use the command “rrd2csv” to to gather system-level metrics and export to a comma separate file. In addition, I set the following parameter -n     … Continue reading XenServer PowerShell: Capture Metrics

XenServer PowerShell – New Windows VM from ISO

I tend to build many Windows VMs on XenServer and want a way to automate as much as possible. I want to avoid using Sysprep.  I’m getting a Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft every 6 months (semi-annual release).  If I go with Sysprep, I have to manually create the VM, sysprep it, turn it into a template and finally create my VM.  Plus, how many times can I sysprep before I run into license issues and sysprep count? Seems like a lot of waste and trouble. Instead, I want to automatically build a VM from a newly downloaded ISO file. … Continue reading XenServer PowerShell – New Windows VM from ISO