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Achieving fast logon times

Wow! That’s fast.  That is the reaction users should have when they log onto their virtual desktop.

I’ve heard many talk about how slow or fast their logons are, but many times we tend to exaggerate.  I’ve discussed this topic before in two recent blogs:

So I thought it might be interesting to see the difference Workspace Environment Management has on the logon experience with VDI.

Note: Both of these examples mapped 5 drives, mapped 3 printers, used a 500MB roaming profile and executed a single logon script that queried a single AD Group.

Improving logon time is a fun topic because the experience is oftentimes so bad.  I heard (and I’ve complained) about the horrible experience.  On the opposite side, I’ve also heard many others bragging about how fast their logon times are.  What’s your logon time?  Excited to share or afraid to say?

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How does Workspace Environment Management Improve Windows Logon Time

I’ve been able to experience the results of implementing Workspace Environment Management into a Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environment.  I was easily able to obtain at least a 50% reduction in logon duration.

I understand the why.

I want to now understand the how.

Let’s first examine the Windows logon process.

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