Tech Zone Live

Some of the best things in life comes in pairs: Peanut butter and jellyPeanut butter and chocolatePeanut butter and applesPeanut butter and bananasPeanut butter and potato chips (If you’ve never had a peanut butter and banana sandwich or a peanut butter and potato chip sandwich, you are missing out. Spectacular) And this is the thinking… Continue reading Tech Zone Live

ABC School District Webinar Q/A

For those of you who missed the June 18th TechTalk on the design for a 20,000 user environment, missed out. Well, not really.  Luckily, we recorded the presentation so you can watch it whenever you desire.  As you know, the webinar was based on a reference design for a 70,000 user school district.  Links to… Continue reading ABC School District Webinar Q/A