XenApp is The First Step.

I've heard many people talk about how to start their desktop transformation projects when they are looking at 5000 desktops. How do you even begin? The number of desktops, users and applications is so overwhelming many can't even figure out how to begin. The desktop environment is so vast that making any change looks impossible.... Continue Reading →


Design XenDesktop for the SMB

I often receive questions around XenDesktop design like How should I design my XenDesktop environment for 50 or 100 users? What hardware should I use? What if I want to start small and slowly grow the environment? This is an interesting use case, the small to medium business. Do you need all of the bells... Continue Reading →

ABC School District Webinar Q/A

For those of you who missed the June 18th TechTalk on the design for a 20,000 user environment, missed out. Well, not really.  Luckily, we recorded the presentation so you can watch it whenever you desire.  As you know, the webinar was based on a reference design for a 70,000 user school district.  Links to... Continue Reading →

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