Windows Server 2016 Optimizations for Citrix XenApp

When it comes to operating system optimization, I have two sides battling with each other. Although optimizing does improve single server scalability, I believe the more you mess with the OS the greater your chances are that you will break something.

Default Apps

Unlike Windows 10, which had numerous default apps that increased user logon time, Windows Server 2016 is free from such additions.


Many of the services we disabled in Windows 10 are already configured as manual startup in Windows 2016.  Looking deeper, it would appear that many of these services are either started based on a request by an application or based on a scheduled task.If a manual startup service is disabled, then any application or system component that tries to interact with the service will fail.  This will result in application/system issues, support calls and long troubleshooting times.Based on that , the only service that you think about disabling is:

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Skype for Business – Three-way calling

Based on the questions I’ve received, it seems like Skype for Business is a pretty big deal.  So, let’s take a look at another question I recently received with regard to the Citrix RealTime Optimization Pack for Skype for Business: How does this work with 3-way calling? With Skype for Business, in order to do a 3-way (or more) conference call, you need to have the Skype for Business Audio-Video Conferencing Server implemented within your Skype deployment. After initiating a call by communicating over SIP to the Skype Server, all parties within the call have their voice/video (SRTP) pass through … Continue reading Skype for Business – Three-way calling

Skype for Business – VDI to Native

I recently posted a blog and video about the new Citrix Realtime Optimization Pack for Skype for Business. As you could see from the video, Citrix is able to deliver Skype for Business to RDS/VDI users with XenApp and XenDesktop. With the optimization pack, CPU utilization on the processor is negligible while the overall user experience is identical to that of a traditional PC. Recently, as I was talking about this feature, I was asked the following question: You show the optimization occurring between two users who are both using VDI. What happens if one user is using VDI and … Continue reading Skype for Business – VDI to Native

Windows 10 Optimization – Part 7: ICA

Were you planning to buy that? Nope. Of course, as you saw in my previous blog, my stupid lawn mower wheel snapped off with only 30 minutes left in the season! D’oh! Figured I would just head to the local hardware store and buy a new one. Guess what? Hardware stores in Minnesota don’t sell lawn mowers in late October. I guess no one wants to mow snow, although it might look cool. I went home, got online and eventually ordered a new mower, which happened to be battery-powered. I still can’t believe I did it, but here is why: … Continue reading Windows 10 Optimization – Part 7: ICA

Windows 10 Optimization – Part 5 – Runtime

The difference between laziness and ingenious is in the eye of the beholder. For example, operating my telescope can almost all be done remotely. I do have to go outside and manually roll off the roof of the shed but after that, I can connect to my PC remotely and control my telescope, my camera, my focuser and my guide scope. Some people say I’m lazy, but it gives me a much better experience. Some of the clearest and most stable skies are in the winter. But when the temperature is -20F (even 0F) I can’t be out there for … Continue reading Windows 10 Optimization – Part 5 – Runtime

Windows 10 Optimization – Part 4 – User Interface

I think I create my to-do lists wrong. I never feel like I’m making any progress. For example, one item on my to-do list was “Fix sailboat rudder”. It was looking pretty gnarly, plus my tiller broke, which made for an interesting sail back to the mooring. This one item on my list took me almost 2 weeks to complete! Talk about not making any progress. What I should have done is break the tasks down into small chunks like Remove rudder hardware Sand Fill cracks/holes Sand and clean Paint first coat Sand and clean Paint second coat Sand and … Continue reading Windows 10 Optimization – Part 4 – User Interface