Synchronize vs Mirror

This has confused me with Citrix Profile Management… What is the difference between synchronizing a folder and mirroring a folder? When I say source and destination, I mean the following: Source = virtual desktop Destination = profile store The descriptions for both sound very similar, so I thought I would dig into this a little deeper by looking at what happens to items in the source/destination. Synchronize: New file (Source) – File is copied to the destination Modified file (Source) – File is copied over the file in destination New file (Destination) – File remains Mirror New file (Source) – … Continue reading Synchronize vs Mirror

Sync the Windows 10 (1703) Start Menu in VDI

Even though it is still Windows 10, each release introduces changes that impacts our VDI deployment. We saw this with optimizing the operating system as we have different default apps, scheduled tasks and services. But what about the Start Menu? Synchronizing the Windows 10 Start Menu in VDI was the bane of many admin’s existence. And then we saw that we can use Citrix User Profile Management to capture the file at logoff. I’ve now upgraded to Windows 10 (Creators Update 1703). Guess what. Syncing the Start Menu just works with UPM. No special configuration except to turn UPM on. … Continue reading Sync the Windows 10 (1703) Start Menu in VDI

Microsoft Windows 10, Citrix XenDesktop and Logon Time

How long does your Windows 10 logon take? Logging into my lab, my logons felt long. True I’m not using server-level hardware that you would see in production, but my logon times felt too long because I don’t have logon scripts, complex group policy preferences, or even massive profiles. After reading the Rule of 30 blog by Nick Rintalan, I decided to investigate. I was interested in knowing if all of the Windows 10 optimizations I previously blogged about would have an impact Default apps Services Scheduled tasks User Interface Runtime Release ICA My first test was looking at the … Continue reading Microsoft Windows 10, Citrix XenDesktop and Logon Time