Logon: Brokering

I just experienced a 100+ second logon time for my Virtual Apps and Desktops session. Hopefully, you are not thinking “That’s pretty fast”. If I look at the detailed breakdown of my logon time, you can see it is a mess. Something is happening with my environment to cause things to spike. I want to focus on Brokering. Why is this logon so long when compared to the user average for the past 7 days? To better identify where to start troubleshooting, we need to better understand the brokering process. When the user selects a link to start a session, … Continue reading Logon: Brokering

Begin your XenDesktop blueprint with your users

The users matter first. This is why we have a blueprint for XenDesktop 7 because we want to avoid starting wrong. We want to make sure that the first thing we focus on are the users. Think about it this way, when building a house, one of the first things you have to figure out is what type of a house do you want/need (bungalow, cottage, mansion, split level, etc). Sometimes, you might determine that you don’t need a house and end up with a condo or apartment. To make this decision, you have to look at yourself and understand … Continue reading Begin your XenDesktop blueprint with your users

What are you good at?

I just got back from visiting friends who live about 2-3 hours away. Every time I take this trip, I decide if I will take the interstate or local highways. The interstate gets me there faster, but it is usually more stressful due to the number of people. Even though the interstate is faster, it feels longer as the road is straight and boring while the highway is more fun to drive. This is the same problem that plagues desktop virtualization. For those of you who were there in person or watched online, I got the change to host GeekSpeak … Continue reading What are you good at?

Virtual Desktop Resources: Then and Now

Two years ago, I wrote a blog called “Lessons Learned with vCPU allocation“. This was still fairly early in the world of virtual desktops. But with numerous successful projects, we were able to start generating sizing estimates for virtual desktops. We talked about how many vCPUs we should allocate, how many users we expect to get per physical core, how much RAM we need and how many IOPS will we generate. I wanted to go back and see if some of the best practices I offered years ago still stand up to scrutiny. If not, I want to know why. … Continue reading Virtual Desktop Resources: Then and Now

An Architect’s Guide to Desktop Virtualization

What does it take to be a desktop virtualization architect? Being able to say “It depends” in twelve different languages is a great start. English (American): It depends English (Australian): It depends English (British): It depends English (Canadian): It depends German: je nachdem Spanish: eso depende French: elle dépend Dutch: het hangt ervan Italian: dipende Swahilli: inategemea Chinese: 视情况而定 Japanese: それは場合による Translations courtesy of Google Translator. For all I know, I just said “My hovercraft is full of eels” in many different languages.  Seriously, the reason why an architect says “It depends” so much is because we don’t have enough … Continue reading An Architect’s Guide to Desktop Virtualization

Which Hosted Virtual Desktop Do I Use?

This question has come up quite a few times in the past week, so I thought I would try to add some clarity. It all comes down to people looking to move to XenDesktop 5 from XenDesktop 4. Most of the XenDesktop 4 implementations are using Provisioning Services for single image management. When you create your XenDesktop 5 site, you need to add your XenDesktop 4 virtual desktops into XenDesktop Studio so it will be part of the new site. But you have five options (Existing, Physical, Pooled, Dedicated and Streamed). Which one do you use? Existing… Right? Nope. It … Continue reading Which Hosted Virtual Desktop Do I Use?

XenDesktop Design Handbook – No Registration Required

A few months ago we released the XenDesktop Design Handbook that contained a collection of reference designs, implementation guides and planning guides. When it was initially released, it had a few items. Over the past couple of months we have included additional items like Bandwidth planning Windows 7 optimization guide VM resource allocation SMB reference design One of the biggest requests I got was to get rid of the registration page. I agree. I hate when I have to register for content. So if you use this new link, you can get access to the XenDesktop Design Handbook without registration. … Continue reading XenDesktop Design Handbook – No Registration Required