URL Filtering within SaaS Apps

Most likely, you trust a SaaS app. The site is encrypted. It has a valid certificate. Everything is good. What about the content within the SaaS app? Do you trust that? Why wouldn’t I trust my Salesforce data? The problem lies with any URLs within the data. How well do you trust those? Think about another SaaS app… Outlook. Yes, with Office 365, Outlook is a SaaS app. Hopefully, we all know perfectly well that you need to be careful about what URLs you select within an email message. This brings us to our third approach for improving security within … Continue reading URL Filtering within SaaS Apps

Enhanced SaaS Security

A SaaS app exists in the cloud, which basically means the organization’s IT and Security teams have no control over what users can capture, save, print and distribute. In the SaaS world, the approach is often “be on your best behavior”. This is similar to all of the self-service check-out lines we now have at grocery stores and home improvement stores. Either intentionally or by accident, it is extremely easy to take something that you didn’t pay for. In both cases, what’s the cost to the business? If we are talking about groceries, the cost is probably small. But what … Continue reading Enhanced SaaS Security