Citrix VDA Performance

Winter in Minnesota.  Back the car out of my driveway, reach the road and my car immediately slides, sideways downhill.  I think I need new tires. One of the best practices I like to talk about is “Maintain, because set and forget does not work.” We all know it is important to maintain our systems, but rarely do we make it a priority.  For instance, how much of an impact would maintaining the virtual delivery agent (VDA) have on the performance of my virtual app or desktop session? Would it affect the server? Because the latest versions of the VDA … Continue reading Citrix VDA Performance

Logon: Brokering

I just experienced a 100+ second logon time for my Virtual Apps and Desktops session. Hopefully, you are not thinking “That’s pretty fast”. If I look at the detailed breakdown of my logon time, you can see it is a mess. Something is happening with my environment to cause things to spike. I want to focus on Brokering. Why is this logon so long when compared to the user average for the past 7 days? To better identify where to start troubleshooting, we need to better understand the brokering process. When the user selects a link to start a session, … Continue reading Logon: Brokering

Synchronize vs Mirror

This has confused me with Citrix Profile Management… What is the difference between synchronizing a folder and mirroring a folder? When I say source and destination, I mean the following: Source = virtual desktop Destination = profile store The descriptions for both sound very similar, so I thought I would dig into this a little deeper by looking at what happens to items in the source/destination. Synchronize: New file (Source) – File is copied to the destination Modified file (Source) – File is copied over the file in destination New file (Destination) – File remains Mirror New file (Source) – … Continue reading Synchronize vs Mirror

Workspace app with StoreFront

You might have heard that the next version of Citrix Receiver is Citrix Workspace app.  Workspace app extends the capabilities of Receiver to incorporate other on-premises and cloud-hosted services, like Virtual Apps and Desktops (traditional, on-premises deployment) Virtual Apps and Desktops Service Access Control Content Collaboration Endpoint Management Because Citrix Workspace incorporates more than Windows/Linux apps and desktops, the user interface also changed. The question I always get is Can I use Workspace app with StoreFront?  Yes What happens if I use Workspace app with  StoreFront? You will get the same experience as Receiver. Only when you point Workspace app … Continue reading Workspace app with StoreFront

LoginVSI PowerShell – Automate Tests

I have a PowerShell function that preps my lab and another executes a single LoginVSI test.  Now, I need to fully automate my LoginVSI testing to perform multiple tests without any interaction.  I need to do the following: Perform a test for each Master VM I specify For each Master VM, test specific workloads For each workload, test specific Virtual Apps and Desktops policies Perform each test twice, for 60 minutes each If I have 1 master VM, 2 workloads, and 3 different policies, and I want each test to run twice, this script will run a total of 12 … Continue reading LoginVSI PowerShell – Automate Tests