Latest XenApp XenDesktop bandwidth utilization tests

Is it just me, or does it seem like every few releases Citrix finds ways to further reduce bandwidth consumption. When 7.13 came out, there were statements saying bandwidth utilization dropped. And in 7.17, we are hearing similar remarks. If we look at the latest releases, we see the following major improvements to the ICA… Continue reading Latest XenApp XenDesktop bandwidth utilization tests

Site Aggregation

At Citrix Synergy, there was a lot of talk about the user’s Workspace; a single location where users get access to all of their resources (apps, desktops, data, devices). For example, the user’s workspace can include storage apps, SaaS apps, web apps, virtual apps (XenApp), virtual desktops (XenDesktop). Citrix has a cloud service for each one… Continue reading Site Aggregation

Windows 10 Bandwidth Estimates for XenDesktop

How much bandwidth do I need between my endpoint and a Windows 10 virtual desktop? Note: Windows 2016 Bandwidth for XenApp on this blog It depends on the apps, on the usage, on the user and on the XenDesktop version. But “It Depends” isn’t a very good answer. Most of us who ask this question… Continue reading Windows 10 Bandwidth Estimates for XenDesktop

Use Citrix Director Historical Trends

It is amazing how much data gets captured as we interact with people and things throughout the day. Do you ever look at it? I DO! I love data. I find it fascinating to see what trends you can observe. The other day, I was reviewing how much water we use at home. Our city… Continue reading Use Citrix Director Historical Trends

Show window contents while dragging

Let’s test your XenApp/XenDesktop design skills. With XenApp/XenDesktop 7.15, do you want to show window contents while dragging? NO CHEATING! Answer before continuing First, we need to understand that the “Show window contents while dragging” is an operating system setting and not a unique XenApp and XenDesktop setting. But this setting does impact the performance… Continue reading Show window contents while dragging

Windows 10 End of Support Cycle

Let’s go through a typical conversation I end up having   Me: What version of Windows are you using on your desktop?  You: Windows 10 Me: What VERSION of Windows 10? You: Do you mean Pro or Enterprise? Me: No. What Windows 10 version number, like a build number? You: Build number? Who cares? I’m… Continue reading Windows 10 End of Support Cycle

Virtual Apps and Desktops (XenApp and XenDesktop) Architecture Poster

Note: For a deployment utilizing Citrix Cloud, use the XenApp and XenDesktop Service Architecture Poster Focusing on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for many years, I hear certain questions over and over again: Do you have an conceptual architecture drawing for a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on-premises deployment? How about a hybrid-cloud deployment? What about… Continue reading Virtual Apps and Desktops (XenApp and XenDesktop) Architecture Poster

Citrix Workspace Visio Stencils

The latest Visio stencils for the Citrix Workspace, including Virtual Apps (XenApp), Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop), Citrix ADC (NetScaler), Endpoint Management (XenMobile), Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer), Content Collaboration (ShareFile) and Citrix Cloud. Citrix Visio 2013-2016 Stencils Citrix Visio 2003-2010 Stencils Citrix PowerPoint 2016 Icons Daniel (Follow on Twitter @djfeller) Change Log October 24, 2022 Visio Updated -… Continue reading Citrix Workspace Visio Stencils

Sizing Windows 2016, Windows 2012 and Windows 10 Virtual Machines

It has been almost one year since Windows Server 2016 was released at Microsoft Ignite. Are the virtual machine sizing recommendations for Windows Server 2012R2 applicable to Windows Server 2016? And since we are talking about sizing virtual machines for XenApp and XenDesktop, it might be a good time to revisit Windows 10. Let’s first… Continue reading Sizing Windows 2016, Windows 2012 and Windows 10 Virtual Machines