Discussing the proper fit for Desktop Virtualization with Michael Keen and Eric Perkins

Michael Keen and Eric Perkins take part in this discussion about desktop virtualization, VDI and customer implementations.  Both of these guys have very strong feelings around desktop virtualization and whether it is the right approach and best approach.  This podcast discusses:

  • Desktop virtualization and if/when it is the right approach
  • Real world requirements
  • Most important tools to help drive a desktop virtualization project

Guest: Michael Keen (Alliance Technologies) and Eric Perkins
Date: 4 Dec 2022

  Download: 13.0 MB

Designing 60,000 virtual desktops with Doug Demskis (Citrix Consulting)

Doug Demskis, Sr. Architect for Citrix Consulting, details the architecture for a 60,000+ XenDesktop environment. Doug not only focuses on the overarching architecture of the solution, but also discusses required changes to an organization going down the desktop virtualization path. In this podcast we discuss:

  • • Overall global architecture
  • • Discussion of user images and application integration
  • • Operational challenges

Guest: Doug Demskis, Sr. Architect, Citrix Consulting
Date: 16 Nov 2022

  Download: 13.1 MB

Architecting 40,000 VDI users/1,000 in production:  A discussion with CSC’s Sandy Kingdon

Sandy Kingdon, Dynamic Desktop Architect for CSC’s Dynamic Desktop initiative, provides an insider’s view into one customer’s VDI implementation. Ultimately planned for 40,000 users, Sandy discusses the overall architecture, the production implementation of the first 1,000 users, plans for scaling to 10,000 users by year-end 2009 and the challenges of introducing a desktop virtualization model. In this podcast we discuss:

  • • Overall architecture and how it is split between Americas and EMEA
  • • Integration of: Citrix XenDesktop, VMware ESX, AppSense Environment Manager
  • • Managing application integration and user-installed applications
  • • User experience challenges for remote workers (you might be surprised what they are!)

Guest: Sandy Kingdon, Dynamic Desktop Architect, CSC
Date: 22 Sept 2022


  25:04 minutes

  Download: 3 MB

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