Successfully Migrating Users to Virtual Desktops

We’ve heard the debate from numerous people across numerous platforms… Should I use TSE or VDI for my organization? When should I use XenDesktop if I already have XenApp?  What type of virtual desktop do my users require? What options do I even have? This is a big question and one that deserves a good discussion.
Date: 03 Sept 2022

Creating an Enterprise VDI Solution with XenDesktop

Once you decided to use XenDesktop as your VDI solution, how do you create your enterprise design?  Would you believe there are essentially 4 things you need to know in order to create your XenDesktop design?  Based on those four items, you can design the entire infrastructure.  Listen to find out what they are and how to do it.
Date: 12 Aug 2022

Virtual Desktops or Virtual Applications: Selecting Your Best Solution

Once a XenDesktop solution is designed and built, it’s time to move users over to the virtual system.  The cutover needs to be smooth and seamless for the users or else they will revolt. The migration will take time, and could give the users a bad first impression of the overall solution if it is not done correctly. This TechTalk looks at the challenges and potential solutions to solving your migration woes.
Date: 11 Aug 2022

Take Your Apps with You: App Streaming & Offline Access

Virtual desktops don’t just mean the ones that are hosted in the data center running on a hypervisor.  A virtual desktop could be running on a workstation device.  A challenge with the virtual desktop model is offline mobility. How do you allow users to remain productive even when there is no network connection? This TechTalk focuses on the application portion of the offline challenge.
Date: 5 Jun 2023

Simplifying Desktop Delivery with XenApp

Description:  A lot of talk lately is virtual desktop this and virtual desktop that.  Well, this TechTalk is also focused on the virtual desktop, but looks at the XenApp portion.  How can and should we use XenApp to make the virtual desktop solution easier?  What best practices are there for application delivery and integration into XenDesktop? Tune in to find out.
Date: 3 Feb 09

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