Windows 7 Migration and the Virtual Desktop Revolution

By all accounts, 2010-2011 will see organizations migrating off of Windows XP and onto Windows 7. The big question you have to ask yourself is if your migration will follow the processes of the past that are plagued with expensive desktop refreshes, numerous compatibility issues and long rollout delays. Since the last major desktop refresh, Windows 98-Windows XP, technology has advanced to improve and overcome these age old challenges of the desktop life cycle. What if you could have your users running Windows XP 1 day, then magically be using Windows 7 the next day while leveraging the current desktop hardware devices?

This Ask the Architect TechTalk is focused on the Windows 7 migration challenge. More specifically, this TechTalk will focus on the following:
  • Learning from the past
  • Understanding how desktop virtualization fits into the puzzle
  • Technical factors to consider for the migration
  • Planning for the migration
Products: Windows 7, XenDesktop 4.0, Provisioning Services 5.1
TechTalk Date: Mar 08 2010
TechTalk Link: Windows 7 Migration and the Virtual Desktop Revolution

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